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Local Membership Rates
Local Individual(L)$15/yr.
Local Family (LF)$25/yr.
Local Life - one time only (LL) $125
Local Life Family - one time only (LLF) $175
Business & Newsletter Ad Member(Ad) $100/yr.
Supporting Member $100/yr.

Local membership includes the NM chapter newsletter. It does not include subscription to the Pacific Citizen, National JACL's Biweekly Paper.*

NMJACL Membership Application Online

*For membership in National JACL, please complete the National JACL form found at and mail it directly with payment to: 1765 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94115. When you join National JACL you are automatically joining the NM state chapter.

Tomari Zia

New Mexico
Japanese American
Citizens League

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Phone: 415-234-0961
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