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Steve Togami is President of the New Mexico chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League.

For Aki Matsuri he tends to the many logistical details such as the festival layout, signage, managing materials and supplies, working closely with Project Director, Calvin Kobayashi. On festival day, he is the all-important “banker” who makes sure that all the cash boxes have sufficient change to begin the day. Throughout the day, accompanied by security personnel, he checks in with all cashiers, collects the proceeds and secures them until the end of the day when he deposits all monies collected into the chapter’s bank account. He then makes a financial report to the Board of Directors and the general membership.


Steve holds a BA in Accountancy and an MBA from New Mexico State University. Born in Albuquerque, he currently lives in Los Lunas, NM. Currently he is the Human Resources Manager and Accountant for Aristech Surfaces in Belen, NM.

The entire Togami extended family has been one of the most active in NMJACL historically, and Steve is cheerfully maintaining that commitment. He was president of NMJACL for almost 6 years before necessity demanded his absence from the Board of Directors. However, in 2017 he was persuaded that his talents were again needed and he stepped into the familiar role as chapter president.

Meet the Team

Each member of the NMJACL Board offers a unique perspective and toolset which makes NMJACL such a well-rounded organization aiming to make a positive impact in the community.

Esther Churchwell

Membership Chair/Editor of the Sagebrush Newsletter

Calvin Kobayashi


Jennifer Yazawa

NMJACL Grant Writer

Nikki Nojima Louis

NMJACL Chair of Special Projects

Cynthia Grady

NMJACL Secretary/ Art Coordinator

Aiko Allen

Special Projects/ Grant Writer

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