Review: ‘Inu-oh’ is a psychedelic Japanese anime rock opera for the ages

Review provided by Paul Mayer NMACL’s J-film/anime resident Otaku. By Justin Chang Los Angeles Times Film Critic  Aug. 11, 2022 4:14 PM PT The phantom that haunts the eccentric Japanese rock opera “Inu-oh” is not the comeliest of creatures — not at first, anyway. Like most of the hallucinatory sights and transporting sounds in this feature-length […]

Speaking Nikkei

Join the JACL Young Professionals Caucus for their latest podcasts! In the episode above, Zara and Dylan interview the newly elected JACL YPC representative and a long-time JACL member to discuss, Enough is Now, Weaving Together our Intergenerational Stories. You can find Speaking Nikkei on your favorite podcast sites. About the Podcast Once, long ago, […]